Scammers making people to take convincing videos and using them to con others: says care before share

Fraudsters are making people record videos of themselves saying they have benefited from a crypto scheme. And then using the video to trick victims’ families.  

Video streaming has become an influential part of everyday communication. Whether it is to find out how markets are leading the economy or learn about profit-making businesses. According to a survey, an average person spends 60% of the day watching videos. Essentially, the platform has changed life positively. But, a few scammers are taking advantage of the platform to execute their defrauding plans., a cyber forensics service for online scam victims, received thousands of complaints detailing how scammers are using sugar-coated talks to convince people to record videos of themselves. 

What happened?

The scammers somehow make people talk about how they profited from an online cryptocurrency investment scheme. And then, scammers use the same video to target the family members of their victims to steal more money. But in reality, it is all part of online technique

Crypto fraud recovery specialist, Timothy Benson, reveals that most people think they are too tech-savvy to get targeted by scammers. But in reality, scamming tactics can be extremely sophisticated. Sometimes it becomes hard to identify which one is a genuinely profitable business and which one is fake? 

As a result, individuals tend to believe what they are told at face value, especially if it is someone they know. 

Something that an Ohio resident, Don Gadis, experienced a few months back.

Don received an offer from someone he thought was a school friend. So, he started communicating with the scammer through a social media platform regularly. A few weeks later, Don’s so-called friend introduced him to an investment scheme that was supposedly meant to help people financially after the pandemic. However, there was a catch, to receive the amount, Don was required to pay a fee of $99. 

Trusting the scammer for his words, Gadis ended up sending the said amount in hopes of receiving $2500. 

“Because it was a friend, I dropped my guard,” Don says. 

Timothy adds- “What’s upsetting isn’t the money individuals are losing due to these fake crypto investment schemes, but instead the fact that scammers are convincing people to make videos of their victims to target their family members.”

The scammers promised Don that they would not post the video anywhere. But they did the opposite of it. Don was later contacted by another friend who described falling victim to a similar incident.  

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. These crypto scams are everywhere. Now, organizations are on alert mode, “suggesting people to take care before they share any video.

How to stay protected from fake online investment schemes? 

Investors can protect their online investment accounts from fraudsters using the following methods: 

Read about a scheme in detail: Investors should gather complete information about any online investment scheme before investing in it or recommending it to their family members. 

Consider safeguarding investment accounts: Investors should take precautionary methods   to safeguard their personal financial information, social security numbers, financial account numbers, email address, phone numbers, and passwords. When dealing online or talking to someone through social media platforms, pay attention to every detail. 

Turn on account alerts: One of the easiest ways to stay protected from an online investment scheme is to monitor the account activity by turning “on” scam alerts on financial accounts. Depending on how the users use their accounts, these alerts will send notifications or texts when an uncertain activity occurs in their account. This includes:

  • Account login 
  • Failed account login attempts 
  • Personal information changes 
  • Securities transaction 
  • Password changes 

Report the matter: Bitcoin fraud recovery experts suggest that when someone believes an investment scheme is potentially a scam or they could fall victim to it; it is advised to report the matter to a local police station. Doing so will alert the investigators.  

How to report any online scam?

Any scam that involves a phone, computer, device, wire transfer, credit card, website, or application, even if someone thinks it could technically be an internet crime, should be reported to the authorities like the FBI, cyber cells, 

Scam victims in a specific region should reach out to local justice departments and lodge a criminal complaint.

Additionally, the Trade Commissions are a great resource to provide information on how to report the matter. is another platform where scam victims can collect information on how to report an online scam. is an online platform that provides information to victims seeking help to recoup their monetary funds back from scammers. 

For example, if someone has lost digital currencies like bitcoin, firms like are equipped with a team of bitcoin recovery experts having functional knowledge to resolve victims’ queries.

How Can Crypto Recovery Services Help Scam victims? 

Being scammed into fraudulent investment schemes is already a hard pill to swallow. But losing financial assets is even more devastating. And this is where fund recovery services come in for help. 

These are specially designed services meant to aid scam victims to gather information on how scammers targeted them. Additionally, these services are equipped with the tools and equipment required to build a strong case against the scammers and help victims retrieve the maximum possible funds.   

But what is even more devastating is when fake asset recovery companies solicit victims of financial scams. They promise their targets to recover their lost funds for a fee in advance. 

It may sound good except for one problem, they do close to zero and disappear with the fee. Therefore, it is advised to be careful and diligent when choosing a fund recovery service. 

About is committed to providing the most accurate tracing service for victims of online scams. empowers and simplifies the process of tracking down the cyber-criminals and assists in recovering the funds and creating an atmosphere for a negotiated settlement. For more information, please visit

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