Cyber Security Consultancy

Security consulting firms are advisory and consulting services (see “Definition: Cybersecurity” ) related to information and IT security design, evaluation and recommendations. These services are procured by various stakeholders in an organization, including boards of directors, CEOs, chief risk officers (CROs), chief information security officers (CISOs), chief information officers (CIOs), and other business and IT leaders for the purpose of obtaining and ensuring acceptable risk levels for a specific client organization.

Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Cyber Security consulting has grown dramatically since the U.S.  An organization looking for a security consultant will usually pay more for an “all-in” solution with consultants providing their services on a “time-and-material” basis. The services typically include a Security Assessment, Security Planning and Defenses, Security Architecture, and Security Configuration Management. Some clients will also employ consultants to review and remediate security issues that result from the organization’s implementation of new technologies or changes in processes. While a consultant may require a security awareness training course from the client, the advisor may require only minimal administrative training.  

What is Cyber Security

The Department of Homeland Security defines cyber security as the “process of monitoring, protection, detection, response, and recovery of IT-related activities related to security and integrity of systems and data on an ongoing basis”. In order to be certified by a cyber security professional body, there are different levels of certification under ISO/IEC 17024 as well as from various certifying bodies, such as NIST Special Publication 800-171, Information Systems Security Certification Council (ISSC), The Healthcare Security Forum, UL, IPSO, IT-TRANSFER and others.