Etherium scams instagram

The popularity of the Etherium cryptocurrency is causing some crypto-scammers to expand their reach beyond the popular social media platform. The account of Cryptoevangelist Jason Sallman promotes the digital currency on Instagram and its impersonators make numerous mistakes. The account misspells the word "Etherium" and posts grammatical slips. If you follow Buterin on Instagram, you can expect his videos to be rife with errors.

Etherium scams instagram

The scam is not limited to the Ethereum ecosystem. There are many other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, whose price is currently hammering on the support level of $215. Ripple has also sued YouTube, saying that they should help protect the community from fraudulent accounts. A recent case involving the Ethereum Max currency suggests that the currency is also susceptible to fraudulent activity. In addition to the Instagram posts, fake news articles have appeared, urging people to be cautious.

The rise in fraudulent activity on Instagram has led to an increase in the number of users who fall victim to scams. Fake accounts have been claiming to be associated with the Etherium cryptocurrency, and many people have been duped into following these accounts. The fake account claims to have 24,000 followers, but the ETH price is hammering the $215 support level. The FCA said that EMAX is a scam, and fraudsters are paying these influencers to promote it. The fake EMAX cryptocurrency was not created by the company and was created by unknown developers, and it is not Ethereum.

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