Romance Scammers sweeping off hearts and bank accounts: outlines fund recovery strategies

Love is blind to all errors. Couples forgive each lie their partners may tell. But when you sense the person telling lies may not be your lover but a scammer, it's best to call out the lie. Something unbelievable caught the eye of the officials when a Singaporean citizen claimed that she had been a victim of online love fraud.   

What the investigation uncovered was beyond shocking. The Singapore Police Force discovered that romance scammers targeted hundreds of victims, swindling R100 million dollars.  

The case attracted worldwide attention compelling prestigious organizations like Interpol, FBI, Hawks, and to address the issue immediately. 

Showcasing his concern, Timothy Benson, a chief analyst at, reveals that "online scammers say things that you want to hear. They slowly build their trust, sometimes waiting over a year before they scam you." is an industry leader in cyber forensics services with years of experience in helping online scam victims. Upon analyzing the love scam cases in Singapore and Malaysia, the organization identified the following facts: 

  • The online scammers work in syndicates often based in foreign countries
  • The most common victims of these romance scams are women- widows, divorcees, or women living alone.
  • Men are also targets of online scams, sometimes married men more than unmarried because the scammers can claim blackmail, though they seldom follow through with it,. 
  • The scammers make up convincing stories to trap  

As revealed by the Singapore victims, a typical pattern of online fraud was when her alleged online boyfriend sent her a gift parcel containing bags and other accessories. She received a call from someone claiming to be from a delivery company. 

The scammer asked her to transfer $1000 to a bank account as delivery charges. The scammer claimed that he did not receive the money and asked for further payment. The person failed to provide any details of the company when the woman probed. She immediately sensed something was amiss and reported the case. 

According to the report, The Singapore Police Force carried out extensive investigations collaborating with Singapore's Commercial Affairs Department (CAD). Studies led to suspicious syndicates operating and brought large-scale arrests. 

However, in some cases, not all investors can recover money lost in online scams. But with swift actions, sufficient resources, and the proper knowledge of legal procedures, the chances to retrieve money increase. In many cases, a specialist team like fund recovery can prove to be beneficial. 

Fund recovery strategies 

Reporting the matter 

The first essential step is to report the case to law enforcement, deputy enforcement, and lawyers. The next step is to reach out to fund recovery specialists who hold expert knowledge of the tools and techniques to strengthen your case. Fund recovery agents have years of experience in the field. They inform you about the practical approaches to fighting your case. 

Collecting evidence 

Evidence collection is essential to build a strong case against scammers. Experts suggest that anyone found guilty of fraud may have to serve up to ten years in jail and be required to pay back the victims.  

Court Proceedings 

Depending on the case's complexity, the practitioners with experts determine the best strategies to help case proceedings that may involve criminal actions and asset recovery through compensation, acceptable for damage, amount confiscation. 

How to choose Fund recovery specialists 

A genuine company dealing in asset recovery aligns the right tools and techniques to get your money refunded. Their focus will be to break down the most complex legal procedures in the simplest form to make it convenient for victims to follow the process. 

  • The industry they are serving 
  • Confirm their experience 
  • Ask about the team 
  • Gather background details- (establishment year, years in business) 

About is committed to providing the most accurate tracing service for victims of online scams. empowers and simplifies the process of tracking down the cyber-criminals and assists in recovering the funds and creating an atmosphere for a negotiated settlement. For more information, please visit

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