Theft by hacking is becoming a nightmare for crypto coin holders: alerts cryptocurrency investors

Hacking involves breaking into a computer system or network without permission and stealing financial assets like crypto. Experts suggest ways to stay protected.

Statistically speaking, theft by hacking has grown drastically. According to suggested figures by scam surveys, the cybercrime environment has expanded since 2021, and it is going to cost countries trillions in financial losses by 2025. 

And as users continue to spend more and more time online, hacking has become a bigger issue., a cyber forensics service for online scam victims, has been receiving a number of complaints explaining what theft by hacking looks like:

How does theft by hacking work? 

All computer networks are required to provide a safe passage for internet browsing. For example, in online purchases, internet users are supposed to visit official websites that undergo multiple checks to ensure that a website protects consumer data and stores wallet information safely.

But according to experts, in reality, nothing is perfectly secure. As per the latest investigations, hackers have repeatedly discovered new ways to break into computer networks, such as exchanges created by various mining companies that create digital wallets where people can store their cryptos. 

Like a trespasser, hackers penetrate computer networks. At first, they may bypass a secured network just to look for information. However, they soon access the folders where digital wallets may be, sensitive corporate data may be, and steal it when they can..  

Is Hacking Illegal?

Timothy Benson, who guides crypto scam victims on how to recover scammed bitcoin and other financial assets, opines: Anytime an individual trespasses the information on someone’s computer without permission, it is a crime. Even if the hacker has not caused any system damage, hacking is illegal. Criminals can be prosecuted as per state or federal law. 

How to stay protected from theft by hacking crimes?

Since cyber security is critical, here are a few steps to take to stay protected from theft by hacking crimes: 

  • Don’t put blind trust in anyone online: Approach every contact online with extreme caution. 
  • Set up firewalls on your devices: Firewalls prevent unauthorized access and alert users via email or text message in case someone attempts to. 
  • Install antivirus software. Antivirus programs like Avast, Bitdefender, and Malwarebytes can protect unauthorized codes from being added as an extension to the operating system. 
  • Consider safe browsing: The first thing to do is to secure computers and mobile devices. Check virtual private networks and check if a website has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. 
  • When using public wifi, never allow computers to save passwords entered to access digital wallets. 
  • Keep operating systems, apps, and browsers up-to-date.
  • Choose Strong Passwords: Make sure to encrypt the files containing all the financial assets by using strong passwords. Easy-to-remember passwords are an open invitation for hackers to conduct organized crimes. 
  • Switch off autocomplete. 
  • Clear caches and delete browsing history on a regular basis. Browsing history may have cookies and cached files to give hackers plenty of information.
  • Beware of other financial crimes prevalent around you: Scams like phishing, vishing, investment-related, crypto-related, and others receive high attention from the media. Thus, anything that’s affecting a lot of people is sure to make the headlines. 

How to get back at scammers involved in theft by hacking?

  • Report the matter: When someone has been a target of such scams, it is a logical approach to file a report with the local police officers. Approaching local investigators tends to provide a preliminary screening of how the fraud happened. 
  • Keep scammers at bay by joining forces with authorities. Connect with specialists such as, who have years of experience in collaborating with lawyers, cyber experts, and ethical computer hacking experts, and team up to scambait the scammers. Getting proper help will ensure victims know what happened. 
  • Hire fund recovery services: Typically, a logical approach is to seek expert advice. One can do it through hiring the best bitcoin recovery expert to recover scammed bitcoin or getting connected with legal help providers. The former ensures increased chances of recouping lost funds. 


How do fund recovery services help victims secure financial assets after theft by hacking ?  

A few situations in online scams are worse and cannot be handled by the customers. If one can show how their computer devices, accounts, or digital wallets were penetrated by hackers without their permission, it can be proven a crime. Once proven, the funds can be reported as stolen. And this can ensure victims’ eligibility to get the full amount back. 

Hiring fund recovery agencies and bitcoin recovery services when cryptocurrency is involved acts as an advocate in the same way individuals would hire a lawyer for a personal or financial issue. There are different types of services a fund recovery company can offer. Thus, it is recommended to identify which kind of service victims need. 

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